Friday, June 21, 2024

SiC Power Semiconductors Enabling Decarbonised Society

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Downsizing electrification products and improving vehicle fuel efficiency by using proprietary SiC technologies

DENSO Corporation has been contributing to spreading the use of electric vehicles, extending their mileage, and reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles by developing SiC (silicon carbide) power semiconductors, which incorporate DENSO’s proprietary structures and processing technologies, and using them in its in-vehicle products.

SiC power card
Booster power module

A power semiconductor is like the muscles in the human body. It moves components, such as inverters and motors (limbs), based on commands from an ECU (brain). Typical power semiconductors used in in-vehicle products are made from silicon (Si). In comparison, SiC offers superior performance in high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-voltage environments, and helps significantly reduce the power loss, size, and weight of inverters. Thus, SiC devices have attracted attention because they accelerate the electrification of vehicles.

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For example, a booster power module, which incorporates DENSO’s SiC power semiconductor, is about 30% smaller in volume with 70% less power loss than a conventional product with a Si power semiconductor. As a result, products have been made smaller and vehicle fuel efficiency improved.

DENSO calls these SiC technologies “REVOSIC,” conveying the idea of making “changes” in society through innovative technologies. The company has been developing a comprehensive range of technologies from wafers to power modules and will continue R&D on REVOSIC SiC technologies and spread their use in electric vehicles to help realise a decarbonised society.


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