Monday, May 20, 2024

TouchNetix Unveil New Generation of 3D Touchless User Interfaces

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 TouchNetix is a global leader in creating innovative user experiences based on touch technology. Today, TouchNetix announces fully integrated aXiom touchscreen chips which offer new 3D sensing capabilities by detecting air gestures allowing touchless functions in a variety of automotive, industrial and consumer environments. aXiom provides more than 100 times higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) than the traditional touchscreen controllers on the market.

TouchNetix’ single-chip aXiom technology enables proximity sensing 10-15 cm above the surface of the screen. Furthermore, multiple hover gestures are sensed 5-6 cm above the screen. These safety-enhancing functions transform the user interface into an innovative and more intuitive user experience. Within the car HMI (human-machine interface), touchless technology allows users to reduce the level of eye interaction with the touchscreen, improving safety. In public and multi-user touchscreen applications, touchless technology radically reduces the risk and transfer of virus and bacterial contamination.

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These additional features delivered by the aXiom chips are achieved without additional sensor electrodes, board-level components, or other additional sensing hardware. These 3D and Touchless User Interface functions are therefore achieved at the lowest possible system cost, especially when compared to alternative sensing technologies, such as infrared sensing or cameras. The aXiom chip family supports display sizes from 5” to over 55” diagonal and with a wide range of aspect ratios.

Vegard Wollan, Chief Executive Officer of TouchNetix commented, “I am delighted to unveil our 3D and Touchless technology which revolutionises the touchscreen industry. Our intuitive gesture operation allows more hygienic and safer use of touchscreens in a multitude of environments. We have a range of customers launching products with 3D and Touchless features, and throughout this year, many of our customers and partners will offer world-wide distribution of their solutions”.

TouchNetix has a global network of manufacturing and distribution partners and can design, implement, and deliver at speed to client specification. With a robust supply chain, TouchNetix is ready to provide the next generation of user interface technology chips to a global market. TouchNetix’ aXiom chips are qualified according to the Automotive Electronic Council AEC-Q100/Q006 standard.


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