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13 Free eBooks On Nanotechnology!

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These top free eBooks on nanotechnology offer valuable insights into the principles, applications, and future prospects of this rapidly advancing field. Whether you are a beginner seeking a foundational understanding or an experienced professional looking to expand your knowledge, these resources provide an excellent starting point.

From the basics to specialized areas like nanomedicine and environmental safety, these eBooks cover a wide range of topics, catering to various interests within the broad domain of nanotechnology. Dive into these eBooks and embark on an

1. Plasmonic Metamaterials

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Author: Kan Yao, Yongmin Liu

Publisher: arXiv, 2013

Metamaterials are the artificially structured composite materials that comes with subwavelength unit cells and showcase exotic properties are not easily obtainable in nature. This book explains the fundamentals, recent updates and future perspectives in this emerging field.

2. Nanotechnology

Author: Wikibooks, 2010

This book based on nanoscience and nanotechnology sums up the information on the various tools, methodologies and systems to help students, researchers and others interested in the field in understanding the overview of this vast interdisciplinary and fast growing field.

3. Cutting Edge Nanotechnology

Author: Dragica Vasileska

Publisher: InTech, 2010

This book aims to describe the vital issues in various types of devices starting right from the conventional transistors to molecular electronic devices.

4. Carbon Nanotubes

Author: Jose Mauricio Marulanda

Publisher: InTech, 2010

The book talks about the Carbon nanotubes which are allotropes of carbon with cylindrical nanostructure. These carbon molecules carries novel properties, which makes them potentially useful in various applications in the field of nanotechnology, optics, electronics and others.

5. Silver Nanoparticles

Author: David Pozo Perez

Publisher: InTech, 2010

The textbook highlights scientific developments and latest applications of silver nanoparticles nanotechnology with primarily focusing on nanocomposite coatings together with advanced characterization techniques. It serves to both academicians and professionals.

6. Nanowires Science and Technology

Author: Nicoleta Lupu

Publisher: InTech, 2010

This book explains some nanowires fabrication as well as their applications, both as complementing carbon nanotubes and polymers and standing alones.

7. Wave Propagation in Materials for Modern Applications

by Andrey Petrin

Publisher: InTech, 2010

The developments in the field of nanotechnology brings out all new types of materials with unique properties. This text is dedicated to the modern methodologies in electrodynamics and acoustics which are developed to describe the wave propagation in the modern materials and nanodevices.

8. Computational Nanoscience: Do It Yourself!

Author: Johannes Grotendorst, Stefan Bluegel, Dominik Marx

Publisher: NIC , 2006

This book explains the application of electronic structure calculations as well as dynamical simulation techniques that covers various aspects of solid state physics, chemical reactions and dynamics, surface and nanoscience, magnetism and electron transport, etc.

9. Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Author: M. Kuno , 2005

These notes on nanoscience and nanotechnology explains the some of the basic concepts behind ‘nano’. It explains the physics rather than just describing a qualitative overview of developments in the field.

10. Hacking Matter

Author: Wil Mccarthy

Publisher: Basic Books , 2004

Programmable matter will change our lives as much as any invention ever has. The author talks with the researchers who are developing this technology, describes how they are learning to control it, and tells us where all this will lead.

11. Essentials of Nanotechnology

Author: Jeremy Ramsden

Publisher: BookBoon , 2009

The book introduces the reader to the world of Nanotechnology, the basis of the next technological revolution. The author explains the basic concepts and definitions regarding choice of materials, then it proceeds to discuss the areas of application.

12. Unbounding the Future: the Nanotechnology Revolution

Author: E. Drexler, C. Peterson, G. Pergamit

Publisher: William Morrow and Co. , 1991

An examination of the benefits and dangers of the new nanotechnology revolution. The book delivers scenarios of nanotechnology at work, some thrilling, some terrifying, all compelling. The authors give a deep sense of things that will happen.

13. Micro- and Nano-Transport of Biomolecules

Author: David Bakewell

Publisher: Bookboon

This e-book introduces the reader to biomolecules and describes the experimental and theoretical aspects of their micro- and nano-scale motion in water. Particular emphasis is given to their transport in engineered micro-environments where they are driven by externally imposed electric fields. Envisaged application technologies of this wide-ranging science involve healthcare, food provisioning, environmental services, etc. The e-book is generally intended for undergraduate students studying chemical, life, physical and engineering sciences, and also interdisciplinary researchers.


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