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7 Free eBooks On VHSIC Hardware Description Language!

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We bring 8 absolutely free ebooks to for those trying to update themselves in this hardware programming language!

Atithya Amaresh

VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL) is the hardware description language for Very High Speed Integrated Circuits. It is used in electronic designing and automation to explain digital and mixed-signal systems like the field-programmable gate arrays and integrated circuits. Additionally it can be used like a general purpose parallel programming language. So for the beginner and pro VHDL programmers, we bring 8 brilliant ebooks for learning and reference! Happy coding!

1. Free Range VHDL: The No-frills Guide to Writing Powerful Code

The purpose of this book is to provide students and young engineers with a guide to help them develop the skills necessary to be able to use VHDL for introductory and intermediate level digital design.

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2. Digital Design with RTL Design, VHDL, and Verilog

Author/s: Frank Vahid

If you are looking for a book that can offer a modern and updated approach to explain digital design, this book is for you. Also this is a much-required book if you are looking to review the basic design fundamentals before getting into the specific details of design optimization.

3. VHDL – A Starters Guide, 2nd Edition

Author/s: Sudhakar Yalamanchili

Want to design you own integrated circuit? If yes, then this book should be your pick. The book shows how IC designing is done a super easy style which infact is rarely found in the engineering books.

4. The VHDL Cookbook, First Edition

Author/s: Peter J. Ashenden

The book will help you understand the basics of VHDL, starting right from the keywords, to the flow control statements, the operators, and the programming conventions.

5. The VHDL Golden Reference Guide

Author/s: DOULOS

The VHDL Golden Reference Guide packs practical advices which has been collected over the years by experienced VHDL coaches. The book is a must add for the collections of experienced design engineers.

6. VHDL Handbook

Author/s: Hardi Electronics

The popular book has already become a standard in the industry for reference and learning of VHDL. The book not only explains the features of VHDL but also guides the readers on how to use it to verify the hardware designs.

7. Guide to Synthesis and Tools for VHDL Modeling and Design

This book provides an integrated approach to the digital design principles, the processes involved, and their implementations in helping the readers design much more complex systems within a shorter design cycle. This is accomplished by introducing digital design concepts, VHDL coding, VHDL simulation, synthesis commands, and strategies together.

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The writer is a senior correspondent at EFY, Gurgaon


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