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7 Free eBooks To Understand Evolutionary Algorithm

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Evolutionary algorithm as a part of Artificial intelligence deals with high-end artificial intelligence which can let your machines self create new information instead of just using the inserted data. Sounds super natural?

Learn more about the subject with these free ebooks.

1. Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms

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Author: Witold Kosinski

Publisher: InTech, 2008

With the recent trend towards massive data sets and significant computational power, evolutionary computation is becoming much more relevant to practice. The book presents recent improvements, ideas, and concepts in a part of a huge EA field.

2. Genetic Programming: New Approaches and Successful Applications

Author: Sebastian Ventura (ed.)

Publisher: InTech, 2012

Genetic programming (GP) is a branch of Evolutionary Computing that aims the automatic discovery of programs to solve a given problem.

3. Evolutionary Algorithms

Author: Eisuke Kita

Publisher: InTech, 2011
Evolutionary algorithms are successively applied to wide optimization problems in engineering, marketing, operations research, and social science, such as include scheduling, genetics, material selection, structural design, and so on.

4. Advances in Genetic Programming, Vol. 3

Author: L. Spector, W.B. Langdon, U. O’Reilly, P.J. Angeline

Publisher: The MIT Press, 1999

Genetic programming is a form of evolutionary computation that evolves programs and program-like executable structures for developing reliable applications. This volume highlights the recent technical advances in this increasingly popular field.

5. Global Optimization Algorithms: Theory and Application

Author: Thomas Weise, 2008

The book on global optimization algorithms – methods to find optimal solutions for given problems. It focuses on evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, learning classifier systems, evolution strategy, etc.

6. Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computation

Author: Adam Marczyk
Publisher: The TalkOrigins Archive, 2004

Creationists argue that evolutionary processes cannot create new information or that evolution has no practical benefits. This book disproves those claims by describing the explosive growth and widespread applications of genetic algorithms.

7. A Field Guide to Genetic Programming

Author: R. Poli, W. B. Langdon, N. F. McPhee

Publisher:, 2008

This book is an introduction to genetic programming GP is a systematic method for getting computers to solve problems automatically starting from a high-level statement of what needs to be done. GP has generated lots of results and applications.

The writer is a senior correspondent at EFY, Gurgaon


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