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6 Free eBook On Elecromagnetics!

6 Free eBook On Elecromagnetics!

Electronicsforu brings a sorted collection of ebooks for the electromagnetics students, hope you find them helpful!

Atithya Amaresh

Being a student of electronics, the subject electromagnetism can be imposing at times. So to help you deal with the troubled electrons, we bring to you 9 extremely helpful texts which will help you understand everything from electromagnetic fields to their operations. Good luck learning!

1. Introductory Electromagnetics

by Zoya Popovic, Branko D. Popovic – Prentice Hall, 1999

This book is aimed towards the intermediate level engineering and physics students studying electromagnetic fields. Although the book is very much self sufficient but a prior knowledge of vector calculus and basic physics is required.

2. Introduction to Electromagnetic Engineering

by Roger F. Harrington – McGraw-Hill, 1958

Instead of taking the classical force-relationship approach, the book is based on circuit theory. This book makes use of the theory of electric circuits to create a system of experiments and to introduce the series of field concepts as a orderly extension of the theory of circuit.

3. Behaviour of Electromagnetic Waves in Different Media and Structures

by Ali Akdagli – InTech, 2011

The comprehensive book talks about computational techniques of the electromagnetic waves and the wave propagation behaviors in different complex mediums. The book is a must read for those studying microwave engineering and electromagnetics.

4. Electromagnetic Waves

by Vitaliy Zhurbenko – InTech, 2011

This book explains different aspects of electromagnetic wave theory together with its applications. It talks about the physics of electromagnetic waves, the methods of computational analysis, the theory of electromagnetic wave propagation and scattering et al.

5. Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers

by Richard Carter – BookBoon, 2009

The book based on electromagnetism begins with a conventional sequence of presentation. It starts with the electrostatics and moves on to current electricity, the magnetic effects of currents, the electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic waves.

6. Worked Examples In Electromagnetism

by Richard Carter – BookBoon, 2010

The book comes as a companion with the ‘Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers’. For better understanding of the readers the book comes with worked examples supported with worked solutions at the end of chapter examples.

The writer is a senior correspondent at EFY, Gurgaon