Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Eight New Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

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Battery that self-destructs in 30 minutes

Iowa State University, USA, scientists have developed a self-destructing battery that can power a simple electronic device such as a four-function calculator for up to 15 minutes and then dissolve in water. This could pave the way for so-called transient power sources for scientific instruments or tools of espionage.

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Pic1_According to researchers at Iowa State University, USA, the battery can power a laptop for 15 minutes, but dissolves completely in water within 30 minutes (Image courtesy: www.indianexpress.com)

This new battery represents a marked improvement in voltage and disintegration time over its predecessors, according to the researchers. The battery’s polymer casing is made from a molecule that can form long repeating chains, swell and physically break itself and other components into small pieces when exposed to water. Devices powered by this type of battery could serve their function or transmit data and then be washed away in the rain.The battery can generate about 2.7 volts, which is similar to the electric potential produced by a pair of conventional AA batteries. This means the new invention can power devices that lower-voltage transient batteries cannot. However, use of lithium makes it unsuitable for biomedical applications such as power implants.


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