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Retrofit LED Tubes For Energy-Efficient Lighting

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  • LED tube lights consume about 60 per cent less power than their conventional counterparts

If you still use incandescent or fluorescent tube lights in your office, it is time you switch to LED tube lights, which can save you up to 80 per cent power. Retrofit LED tubes, specifically Type-A ones, are the best choice for tubular lighting in any office, enterprise or industry as these are easy to install and have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Here we share some examples that prove the benefits of implementing LED lighting in work spaces.

Case 1.

Pune-based Cummins India reported an ROI in 14 months and reduction of electricity bill by 50 per cent within two years of switching from traditional tube lights to easily-installable retrofit LED tube lights.

Kushal Uppal, founder and MD, InteliZon, shares another example where a corporate establishment based in Hyderabad was looking to install solar panels on the rooftop to run their tube lights in the garage during the daytime. Their initial plan was to install a 5kW solar system (including inverter) costing about ₹ 500,000 to run about 100 tube lights. InteliZon suggested the use of retrofit DC LED tube lights, which consumed about 60 per cent less power than conventional tube lights.

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Elimination of a separate DC-AC converter for solar panels and tube lights and going straight with DC-DC (from solar panel to LED tube light) enabled the company to install the entire system within ` 200,000, which was less than half of the initially planned capex. In the long run, there was a power saving of 30 per cent.

Case 2.

US-based lighting solutions company Independence LED provided automobile giant BMW with LED solution kits, each comprising a pair of 15-watt, 2’ retrofit LED tubes. The solution saved 34 watts per fixture, resulting in cumulative power savings of 53 per cent. By reducing the fixture wattage from 64 to 30, the annual savings were reported as 127.3kWh and $11 per fixture. Over the 60,000-hour (16-year) lifespan of the LEDs, energy savings are over $176 per fixture. Looking at all the data including power savings, reduced bulb replacement cost, lower maintenance expenses and labour cost savings, while also considering the average 3 per cent annual increase in the energy cost, the total savings is over $348 per fixture.



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