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Exciting Design Software and Raspberry Pi Operating Systems

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Raspbian NOOBS

pic (design software for Raspberry Pi)New Out Of Box design software, or NOOBS, was introduced on June 13, 2013. It makes Raspberry Pi easier to use by simplifying the installation of an operating system (OS). Instead of using specific software to prepare a secure digital (SD) card, files can be unzipped and contents copied over to a File Allocation Table (FAT) formatted file system (4GB or bigger) SD card, which can then be booted on Raspberry Pi. A choice of six OSes is presented for installation on the card.


The official RISC OS distribution for Raspberry Pi, RISC OS, is a British OS designed specifically for the ARM processor by the team who created the original ARM. It is fast, compact, efficient and developed, tested by the loyal community of open source software developers and users. RISC OS is not related to Linux or Windows platforms. It has its own set of unique features and aspects for OS design.


Logisim is an educational design software tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits. It is equipped with a simple toolbar interface and simulation of circuits as you build these. The software is simple enough to facilitate learning of most basic concepts related to logic circuits. It has the capacity to build larger circuits from smaller sub-circuits and to draw bundles of wires with a single drag of the mouse. Logisim can be used to design and simulate entire central processing units for educational and learning purposes.

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Box (design software)

FreeCAD Design Software

FreeCAD is a general-purpose feature based, parametric three-dimensional modeller for computer-aided design, MCAD, computer-aided technologies, computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle management design software. It is aimed at mechanical engineering and product designing due to the fact that it fits a wider range of uses in engineering such as architecture and other engineering areas. FreeCAD provides for very advanced extensions and customisations.

FreeCAD-PCB Design Software

FreeCAD-PCB design software allows you to design printed circuit boards that can be imported to FreeCAD. It is loaded with the latest features that support many layers. It allows users to design models with different names, colours and transparency settings for added customisation. It allows them to import Initial Graphics Exchange Specification models with colours, too. FreeCAD-PCB is equipped with the latest updates this season.

Logic Friday Design Software

Logic Friday is a free design software for Boolean logic optimisation, analysis and synthesis. It lets users ease over the process by simultaneously viewing and accessing a number of windows, namely, functions, truth tables, equations and gate diagrams. The software takes help of Espresso logic minimiser to efficiently reduce the functions in an electronic design.

Users can optimise diagrams for standard integrated circuits that will minimise the total number of integrated circuit packages in the design, or optimise for die area, letting the program choose gates to create a custom integrated circuit with minimum die area.

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