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Ten Things You Can Do With Your Old Android Device

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fig 1Research says that, average smartphone users upgrade their smartphones once in every two years. Each time they upgrade a smartphone, the big question of what to do with the old device pops up. There are a number of creative ways they can utilise their old smartphones to improve their day-to-day life. If you too have upgraded your’s recently and are wondering what to with it, read on to find out ten things you can do with your old Android smartphone.

Gaming console. It is very easy to pair an old Android device with the television via Google Chromecast and an HDMI cable. You can download a selection of emulators for your classic gaming consoles. There are apps from Super Nintendo to Sega Genesis available for Android. You can pair a Bluetooth gaming console with your Android device and you are good to go. PlayStation remote controller works really well with Android devices.

Gym device. Your old Android device can be an ideal gym tool. You can format it, remove unnecessary apps and data. This avoids unnecessary distractions in the gym. You can use your device as an MP3 player while you sweat it out. You can pair it with a cheap fitness tracker or smartwatch for extra functionality.

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Desktop computer. Yes, you can install your old Android device as a desktop computer. Even the oldest smartphone is more powerful than old desktop computers. You can install Debian or any version of Linux operating system on your device and connect it to a monitor. Then, sync it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you are good to go.

Car GPS and music player. There is no doubt that you can use old Android device as a GPS navigation unit with your car. There are a number of great navigation apps available for Android (Google Maps, CityMapper, Waze and others). This gives you the option of using the old Android device as a dedicated GPS unit in your car. You can plug it in using an auxilliary cable and double up the usage as a dedicated stereo/MP3 player.

Wi-Fi extender. If you have weak Wi-Fi signals in your house or office, you can extend the signal range using your old Android device. You would need to install apps like fqrouter2. The app will pick up signals and repeat it. However, the app requires a rooted Android device.

Digital photo frame. To turn your smartphone into a digital photo frame, just install an app like Dayframe, load a selection of your favourite photos, sit it in an upright dock and let it roll. This is a sure-shot way to impress the guests and keep the memories alive at all times.

Baby monitor. You do not need to spend huge amounts of money so you can keep an eye on your precious little one. Apps like Dormi and the simply-named Baby Monitor transform an old smartphone into a baby monitor, while streaming videos and audio to your current device.

Security camera. Take advantage of your device’s camera by turning it into a Wi-Fi-enabled security camera to protect your home. Apps exist that are motion-sensitive and will email you with photos.

Alarm clock. Who uses an analogue clock these days? Take your pick from the thousands of clock apps in Google Play Store, buy yourself a cheap smartphone dock and you have got an infinitely customisable alarm clock to sit beside your bed.

Video chat terminal. Set up your old Android device with apps like Google Hangouts and Skype and use it as a futuristic terminal for face-to-face communications. Think of it as an extra extension for your office or living room. As long as it can handle GSM and GPRS, it should be fine.

Apart from these, there are many other ways you can make use of your old Android device. So get your device out and start tinkering with it.



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