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Audio Cables From Tasker

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When it comes to the field of sound systems and audio players, analogue signals are still commonly used. As a result, the parameters of connection cables directly affect the quality of signal transmission. This is why many specialist suppliers provide an extensive selection of audio cables.

Tasker offers a wide range of cables for different applications. Its audio products have been recently added to the TME catalogue. These include cables and extension cables intended for professional use, which, thanks to their affordable price, may also be of interest to schools, universities, offices or households. Below, we present a brief overview of the solutions from Tasker, focusing on the types of connectors the cables are fitted with.

3.5 MM and 6.3 MM Jack Connectors

The two most popular Jack connector sizes are 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm. They are commonly found in phones and consumer electronics (the former size) and professional amplifiers, audio recorders, musical equipment and instruments (the latter size). The advantage of such plugs is that they eliminate the possibility of reverse polarity connection and have relatively good electrical parameters. Owing to the popularity of cables with Jack connectors, Tasker offers them in a number of different configurations. The lengths of the cables vary from 1.5 m to 12 m. They are equipped with 3.5 mm stereophonic or 6,3 mm monophonic plugs. To make cable management easier, the products come in a wide range of colours – their outer jacket can be black, brown, blue, orange, green or yellow. As one would expect, their signal lines are protected with a braided shield. Jack sockets are immensely popular, which is why cables with such plugs are also available in variants that serve as adapters for every other type of plug mentioned below, i.e. RCA, SpeakON and XLR.

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The well-known RCA connectors, also known as cinch connectors, are commonly applied in consumer electronics (audio players, home cinema and HiFi systems). They are coaxial and have a single pin in the centre, which ensures low resistance of the connection and proper shielding of the signals from electromagnetic interference. Tasker offers cables with RCA plugs and sockets in different configurations, which can be used independently or as adapters for connecting devices via other cables. Our range includes the most popular model, which is equipped with RCA connectors and a 3.5 mm stereophonic Jack plug. Such cables are most commonly used for connecting phones and portable audio players to desktop amplifiers. Another interesting solution from Tasker is a cable intended for connecting RCA plugs to an analogue stereophonic USB C port. Some newer devices (such as laptops and smartphones) are fitted with built-in circuits, which allow to output the audio signal via a USB connector (similarly to a headphone cable), in accordance with the characteristics of the newest generations of this standard. With a Tasker cable, you can easily input the signal into an older receiver, such as an amplifier.

RCA-3.5mm Jack


SpeakON connectors are almost exclusive to professional applications, where they are used for connecting speakers in stage sound systems. As a result, these Tasker cables are among the longest products in the offer presented here (from 3 m to 30 m). They are fitted with female 2-pin or 4-pin (stereophonic) connectors. Typically for this model, the cables have a locking mechanism released via a button mounted in a slot in the metal body. To ensure the best possible parameters of connection, the cables are available with either 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2 cores.



The XLR connectors are a solution that is commonly found in stage (live) sound systems and audio recording equipment, as they are used as sockets in professional microphones and in balanced signal transmission. You can also come across these connectors in stage lighting systems. Tasker offers mainly monophonic signal (2-pin) extension cables available in the following lengths: 3 m, 6 m, 9 m and 12 m. They are offered in a wide range of insulation colours. Alternatively, you can purchase cables with factory-installed 6.3 mm Jack connectors (i.e. in stereo variants), which can be used for connecting microphones to preamplifiers and audio recorders.



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