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Best Online Stores for Robot Makers

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With the growing number of robotics enthusiasts & makers in India, the number & chains of online stores dealing in robotics are also expanding. Here I try to shed some light on those e-Stores with a little review to extend my help to robotics enthusiasts who want to go a step further beyond their Amazon & Flipkart shopping experience for either School/College projects or professional requirement.

1.Kits’n’spares: (

Kits’n’spares are one of the oldest & most trusted Robotics parts & kits supplier in India. It is a division of EFY Group. Recently it added some innovative as well as affordable projects & kits for the young scientists & engineers of India. It also targets the professional customers too. The electronics components section is equally impressive which showcases nearly all components you need for your robotics projects. Giving a strong consideration to the convenience of its customers the site accept payments via a lot of modes.

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2.Robu India: (

This is a great online store for robot enthusiasts & makers of all age. Arduino Clone boards and kits are available at unbelievably low prices. It is Pune based company & offers the cash-on-delivery option. This is one among the very few listed here to offer a smooth running mobile app for amazing shopping experience on the go. Their Mechanical section is great. Mechanical parts available for various kind of robots are extremely affordable yet fulfilling quality aspects at the same time. School & College students would definitely find this site not only useful for their projects but equally educational with plenty of tutorials. Semi-assembled and unassembled 3D printer kits are also available at extremely affordable prices and one can start building & experimenting with robotic parts on his own. It is a one-stop solution for not only robotic parts but tools that are required to successfully build a robot on your own. The collection of varied types of cables & their prices are impressive too. 

3.Robo India: (

This is a heaven for those who do plenty of Robotic DIY on a day-to-day basis. Kits available here comes with a nice guidebook that makes your DIY job simple and easy. The variety of electronic components & parts is equally appreciable too which are available at an unbeatable price. Tools available are great in both quality & cost. The variety & cost of different types of motors makes them a natural choice for the young innovators of India. You often don’t need a full-size breadboard for simple robotics projects, instead need a backplate which can hold both the Arduino & the breadboard & Robo India implemented this thought well in their kits. The products available on this site are great in quality terms. The tools section showcases one of the very best tools available in the electronics industry. The educational kits section is a small wonderland for the tinkerers & young creative minds. And if you want to make PCBs for your Robotic projects then this site has all the required goodies.

4.Roborium: (

If you do advanced robotics projects a lot along with simple ones then it is the store for you and will definitely not only guarantee you an amazing shopping experience but fulfill all of your robotics needs. You will find humanoids to grippers & lot of other types of robots here. Roborium also offers a mobile app for its customers who prefer shopping on the go. The variety of development boards is simply amazing. Not only the varied types of boards but what impresses me more is the price & affordability. The products available are perfectly balanced between quality & cost, with a great target audience. Types of motors available is another strong aspect of this site which almost all buyers will find convenient. There is a strong presence of never seen before type of robots available here which you won’t find on other sites of India. These are Roborium exclusive. Another interesting section of this site is “Personal Robots” aka robots which will carry out your daily household work such as “Robot Butler”, “Security Robot” etc.

5.Robomart: (

This online store offers quality products at an unbeatable price. Distance learning Robotic kits are available for as low as ₹ 399/-. Collection of electronics components which is the backbone of a robotic construction is also available at affordable rates. Robomart also offers a mobile shopping app. Looking at the growing popularity of mobile apps this is a step in the right direction which adds an extra layer of convenience to its customer buying experience. The cost of robot chassis is well within the budget of School & College students. Also, the prices of varied type of batteries are quite right, affordable & competitive with the local market. There is a good variety of sensors available in this site which will definitely convince robot enthusiasts of all age to try it out in their projects. The prices of mechanical accessories, tools etc. are also within the budget of most students, tinkerers & hobbyists alike.

Tanmay Dasgupta is a freelance Technical Writer & Cartoonist who is currently working as a guest author for EFY online media. His other passions include Robotics & Computer Hardware. He is Diploma in IT Infrastructure Management from CMC Ltd (A TATA Enterprise).



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