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HGST Ultrastar He10: Pretty Serious Storage Options at 8 and 10 TB

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HGST led the market to helium and media caching techniques, and its innovator status has given it more experience with the platform. The HGST Ultrastar He10 offered an ideal mix of performance and power consumption, especially in light of its SAS connection, in comparison to the competing HDDs.

Ultra Features

Two interesting reasons set the Ultrastar He10 apart. First, it is hermetically sealed and filled with helium, which is a rather novel idea. Compared to air, helium isn’t as dense, so there’s less drag on the drive’s moving parts. The lower level of friction, combined with hermetic seals that keep out contaminates and humidity, allows these drives to run much cooler than a conventional HDD, reducing energy costs.

Secondly, seven platters have been crammed into a standard-height 25.4mm (1-inch) hard drive. The 10 TB capacity is something else in itself.

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The Ultrastar He10 is an internal HDD in simpler terms. Available in 2 configurations of 8 and 10 TB, the storage device weighs about 660 grams. The high storage capacity making it suitable for server storage

Ultrastar Spec Sheet:

Some of the details of the disk drive are listed below.

Parameter Ultrastar He10 10TB Performance
Interface SATA / SAS
RPM 7,200 RPM
Sustained Transfer Rate 249MB/s
Average Latency 4.16ms
Operating Power 6.8 / 9.5 W
Avg. Power 5.0 / 5.8 W
Cache Buffer 256 MB
Warranty 5 Years
Weight 660g

The 7,200 RPM drive comes with 7 platters and 14 heads for the 10TB model. HGST rated the drive for 600,000 load/unload cycles. The 10TB, “12Gb/s” SAS models consume more power than their “6Gb/s” SATA counterparts.

The HE10’s sealed case leaves most of the internals to the imagination, though we spot the key components when we remove the PCB from the body of the drive. A blue foam pad reduces vibration between the two components, while a small thermal pad over the controller wicks heat into the body of the drive, which acts as a large heatsink. The He10 utilizes standard surface mount-points to connect with the PCB, while the previous generation He8 series employed pins to connect the two components.

The storage is available through Amazon for $500, if you wanna go for it.


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