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Innovations to Improve Your Lifestyle

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Instantly turn your bicycle into an electric bike

Convert your bicycle into an electric bike in a few minutes just by replacing the bicycle’s conventional front wheel with the GeoOrbital wheel. This wheel is made of an aerospace-grade aluminium unibody, which houses a brushless DC motor, a Li-Ion battery and a motor controller. It is surrounded by a flat-proof tyre, which is made by filling a conventional tyre with special high-density foam. The kit includes a simple thumb-activated throttle that you can easily clip onto your handlebar.

The GeoOrbital wheel is available in two variants, which vary in size, battery power, weight and range without pedalling. You need to pick the size that fits your bike. The battery is also easily replaceable, so you can always carry a spare along to replace when required.
GeoOrbital works with any speed range, varied transmission components and in-hub brakes, different fork sizes and bike chain technologies. Also, as it does not interfere with your bike’s chain or rear wheel, you can get all-wheel drive by using the throttle while pedalling.

So, even after you have installed GeoOrbital, you can still pedal your bike like a normal one, if required. However, since GeoOrbital is heavier and offers more resistance than a normal wheel, the company suggests riding on a lower gear.

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The Cambridge-based company sells the product online and delivers worldwide.

Company: GeoOrbital; Country: Unites States of America;

Replace your bicycle’s front wheel with the GeoOrbital wheel to turn it into an electric bike (Courtesy: GeoOrbital)
Replace your bicycle’s front wheel with the GeoOrbital wheel to turn it into an electric bike (Courtesy: GeoOrbital)

A smart case that runs Android on your iPhone

All iPhone users love their iPhone but, unfortunately, not everybody loves the iOS! Those who are used to Android phones often find it very difficult to adapt to the iOS. Chinese company Jijia has developed a smart case called Mesuit that enables you to run an Android-based OS on your iPhone. Just slip on the case, install the associated app and you are ready to go.

The Mesuit dual-SIM case is a fully-functional mobile device powered by Media-tek’s octa-core processor. Designed to fit iPhone 6/6S, this case connects to the phone through the Lightning port. It has its own SIM slot, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage capacity and a 1700mAH battery built into it. That means the iPhone user has an additional SIM slot, extra storage to transfer photos and videos from the phone into the case, and seven more hours of battery life.

But more importantly, the device enables the user to run an additional operating system! Once you slip on the case and install the associated app, it starts running an Android-based OS called Mesuit OS 1.0 with an Apus Launcher. This lets you use the Android interface on the iPhone, and access and install Android apps through Google Play. You can also use two Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram accounts simultaneously on the same phone.

Priced at Rs 9990, the Mesuit case is available in India through

Company: Jijia; Country: China;

This case runs an Android-based OS on iPhone 6/6S
This case runs an Android-based OS on iPhone 6/6S

Get active while playing mobile games

Mobile games are fun but these turn us into couch potatoes too. What if you had a mobile gaming system that responded to your physical movements—games that made you jump and jog? That is what inventor Colt Correa hopes to do with DigiBit. Amply funded on Kickstarter, Correa plans to start shipping the first orders to certain countries by November this year.

The DigiBit system consists of small, wearable, sensor-fitted clip-ons that sync with your mobile phone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). You can wear these devices on your hands and feet with the provided bands, or clip them on to your wristband, shoes or socks. For virtual reality (VR) games, there is an additional VR headset.

Fitted with sensors and microcontrollers, these devices sense and calculate your body motion in real time. They beam this information to your mobile device to control game actions. Your body becomes the game controller, and your physical movements move the characters in the game. You can walk, jog, run, jump and dodge. This way you get a good share of fun and exercise!

There are several exciting DigiBit games like Air Hockey and FunnyWings. An open development kit is also available, so you can develop your own games using the Unity 3D game engine.

Creator: Colt Correa; Country: United States of America; Website

DigiBit is a body action driven mobile gaming system (Courtesy: DigiBit)
DigiBit is a body action driven mobile gaming system (Courtesy: DigiBit)

Smartwatch with traditional mechanical hands

Avoiding a smartwatch because you cannot do without the conventional hands of the clock? Well, MyKronoz’s ZeTime is just the right choice for you. Claimed to be the world’s first hybrid smartwatch with traditional hands and colour touchscreen, ZeTime has the best of both the worlds.

A special technology has been used to work a hole into the TFT touchscreen to fit the mechanical hands. At the same time, the watch has all the makings of a great smartwatch. ZeTime uses a tech called ‘Smart Movement’ that enables the mechanical hands to function for up to 30 days on a single charge, allowing users to see the time even when the smartwatch screen is powered off. As a fully-functional smartwatch, ZeTime works for up to three days on a single charge.

ZeTime has a three-axis accelerometer and an optical heart-rate sensor to monitor heart-rate, steps, distance, calories, active minutes, sleep and so on. It also alerts users to get on their feet when they have been inactive for too long. Like other smartwatches, ZeTime lets users view incoming calls, read social networking notifications, get calendar reminders and more. The watch syncs to your phone using BLE, enabling you to check the weather, play music, take photos or locate your phone by making it ring. The watch runs a proprietary operating system, while the app runs on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.0.
You can pre-order the product on Indiegogo, where the project got funded over 10,668 per cent in April 2017!

Company: MyKronoz; Country: Switzerland; Website

MyKronoz’s ZeTime is a smartwatch with mechanical hands too (Courtesy: MyKronoz)
MyKronoz’s ZeTime is a smartwatch with mechanical hands too (Courtesy: MyKronoz)

Wearable, cloud-connected camera that uploads videos in real time

Want to film your party, but without missing all the fun and action? Need to document happenings at a protest rally, but can’t do so openly? Well, Shonin’s Streamcam wearable camera might be just what you need.

Streamcam is supposedly the world’s first cloud-connected wearable security camera. It is cellular, rugged, waterproof, small and easy to use. Measuring just 56x56x13mm3, it can be clipped onto your dress, bag or vehicle. With just a single button-click, it captures wide-angle, high-resolution (720p) video with audio, which is immediately pushed to the cloud through cellular or Wi-Fi link, or broadcast to Facebook Live. The device also has an expandable Micro SD slot, pre-loaded with an 8GB card.

The camera has just a single button, which is used to start or stop recording. The app does everything else—such as turning the recording light on or off, and altering the resolution. You can view, edit and share videos quickly and easily. One of the thoughtful features by Shonin is that you can edit the video without losing the raw original footage, so you can go back and change or check stuff if needed.

This camera is just right for investigative journalists, who shoot videos to expose crimes, only to have the cameras grabbed and damaged by the goons before they get the chance to upload coverage. That risk is no longer there with Streamcam, which instantly uploads all recorded content to the cloud. You can pre-order the product now.

Company: Shonin Inc.; Country: Canada; Website

A discreet camera that instantly uploads recorded videos to the cloud (Courtesy: Shonin Inc.)
A discreet camera that instantly uploads recorded videos to the cloud (Courtesy: Shonin Inc.)

Smart night lamp that stays alert when you are sleepy

When everything from the kettle to the shower is getting smart, how can night lamps be left out? The Zing Night Light is one such interesting and intelligent gadget that bundles a lot of smart technologies like object location and automatic path illumination. It works with iOS, Android, Alexa and Google Assistant, and is equipped with Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart motion sensors, battery backup, event indicators and more.

Zing is made of energy-efficient LEDs that you can customise. It features automatic blue light reduction to help you sleep better. If you get up at night for a glass of water or to use the rest room, Zing detects the motion and gently powers its bottom LEDs up to 40 per cent intensity (configurable) to help you move around safely. After movement ceases, it returns to standby mode. When you connect multiple Zing lights together, these predict your path and automatically illuminate it. If the light senses any unusual or suspicious motion in the premises, it pushes notifications on your phone. Zing understands such behaviour by observing and learning your movement patterns over a course of 7-10 days.

Zing connects to your phone and acts as a visual indicator for incoming calls and other smartphone events. If you forget where you placed your phone, fitness tracker, smartwatch or other Bluetooth-enabled device, you can use Zing’s Bluetooth object locator feature to find it.

Zing has an even wider scope as it is built with open technologies and can interface with many home automation platforms. The team will start shipping pre-orders internationally by year-end. The light comes with appropriate sockets for each region.

Company: Factory Method; Country: United States of America; Website

A smart night light that helps you move around and find stuff in the darkness (Courtesy: Team Zing)
A smart night light that helps you move around and find stuff in the darkness (Courtesy: Team Zing)


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