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U by Moen: Wi-Fi connected shower controller

Your morning shower can make or break your day! Sometimes the water is extremely hot or cold if somebody else in the family has changed the mixer settings, or the hot water takes too long to reach the faucet. This makes you upset, especially if you are in a hurry to get ready for the office. For such situations, U by Moen smart shower is definitely a product worth investing in.

The kit includes a digital thermostatic valve, a Wi-Fi enabled digital controller and a mobile app, which lets you remotely set up your bath from anywhere in your home. The kit can be used to control up to four water outlets, depending on your existing shower setup. The valve setup is supposedly do-it-yourself, but early adopters say that it is a bit complicated and requires a plumber’s services.

Once you set up the system, you can customise elements of your bath such as temperature, time and outlet selection using the controller or mobile app. You can configure up to twelve presets, so all your family members can get their bath the way they want it. When it is time for your bath, the system drains the cold water remaining in the pipes, heats the water to the required temperature, pauses the water flow, and waits for you to step in and enjoy your bath.

For people with real need or love for luxury, the smart shower is a worthy investment. It can also be useful in boutique hotels, which can save preferences of their regular clients to boost customer satisfaction.

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Customise your bath with U by Moen smart shower
Customise your bath with U by Moen smart shower



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