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Six Innovations to Look out for This Summer

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Livescribe: Smart pen-paper combo that saves notes digitally

Even in today’s digital world, there are many who prefer a pen and paper to jot things down, whether it is a shopping list or the minutes of a meeting. The Livescribe 3 smartpen ensures that these hurriedly noted down texts do not get lost. The Bluetooth Smart enabled pen digitises notes written on a special dotted paper and saves these in your mobile device with appropriate tags, using an associated app.

At first look, the smartpen appears to be a stylish, premium ballpoint pen with a Swiss-made tungsten-carbide ballpoint ink cartridge. Inside however is a whole lot of technology—from an infrared camera and ARM processor to a Bluetooth Smart chipset, flash memory and lithium-ion battery. An integrated stylus cap conceals the micro-USB port to charge the device.

The pen works with Livescribe+ mobile app, which instantly syncs everything users write on paper to their mobile devices. The notes can be viewed in either Page View or Feed View, where they are sorted into smaller snippets. You can search, tag and convert them into text. The app also lets you add audio to the notes. Reminders, appointments and lists that you have jotted down by hand can be used to automatically set up calendar events and add new contacts. The content can also be converted into shareable PDF files. So that wonderful start-up idea, sketched on a paper napkin at a coffee shop, can be shared instantly with those who matter!

Livescribe smartpen instantly digitises handwritten stuff (Courtesy: Livescribe)
Livescribe smartpen instantly digitises handwritten stuff (Courtesy: Livescribe)
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Company: Livescribe (part of the Anoto Group AB); Country: United States of America; Website



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