Saturday, July 13, 2024

Nine Cool Features On Google You Did Not Know About

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Search engine giant Google can go beyond its function of being just a search engine for your queries. There are times when Google tends to surprise its users and how! Listed below are nine super-cool features that you might not have known existed on Google.

Calorie comparison
If you have to compare your favourite food item against another, you might as well do that using the search engine. For instance, punching in the name of one food item versus the other will enable Google to dish out details of the two food items including calorie count, nutritional content and a lot more, in a tabular form. We think it is going to be an interesting tussle between pizza and chocolate brownies.


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Setting a timer
Keying in any time in the search bar followed by the words ‘bar timer’ would allow you to get a countdown for the time set. You can also set an alarm, for the time you have set. It is an excellent option for those who need to accomplish a task within a stipulated span of time.

Tip calculator
Budget could be a constraint, especially if you plan to go out on a binge with your friends. To add to your woes, you also need to tip the waiter at a restaurant, apart from paying the allocated bill amount. Tip calculator on Google allows you to calculate the tip you should be paying once you enter the full bill amount. It also tells you how much each individual at the table needs to pay, to fulfil the total billing amount, when you are going Dutch.

Filtering Gmail
Adding ‘+website’ to your Gmail ID will allow you to sign up with several websites, using your Gmail ID. Here is how: your [email protected]. It will also allow you to create a folder, where all emails from that particular website can land in.

Cool fontsGoogle Fonts has a huge database of cool fonts that an individual can download and use for free. The user also has the option of making a font as the default font on the browser.

Wedding planner
For all those who did not know about it, Google provides the option known as Wedding Planner for its users. To make sure all goes well on your big day, you could make optimum use of this feature for every little thing that you need to take care of, from announcing the news of your marriage to setting up a shareable photo stream for the big day. If that is not enough, it also saves you the cost of hiring a wedding planner to make your event a successful one.

Google Art Project
Google Art Project allows individuals to view artefacts from more than 600 international galleries, present across the globe. You certainly could not have asked for more.

Explore the universe
The option of Google Sky by Google allows you to delve into the far reaches of the universe. From viewing images on NASA satellites and Hubble Telescope, you can explore the galaxies from the comfort of your room. You could also learn a lot more about astrological signs and listen to space-related podcasts.

Playing with Lego
Revive your days of glory and childhood on Check out some cool constructions by other users and master the art of brick layering on this tool. In addition, with its inbuilt map function, the website allows you to share your Lego constructions with people all over the world. Lego on Google is so much fun, for you will never end up stepping on these.



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