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Online Shops for Electronics Enthusiasts

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Embedded focused Shops:

1. Sunrom Electronics/Technologies: The online store have some of the much needed parts at reasonable price. The PCBs stock comprise of some good quality ones with Separate dedicated VCC & GND lines which will ease your prototyping tasks. Also there is a huge variety of SMD Adapters & parts available, if you are an SMD fan boy. You would even find a mouse click button here. The store have huge variety of sensors. Also there is a good variety of Wi-Fi Modules available.

2. Rhydolabz India: The web store have a good collection of SMD Components. The Tools section is very interesting & you will get Vartech Instruments such as Multimeter & Lab Power Supply at very competitive price. If you are looking for genuine Made in Italy Arduino Boards, then this is the site for you. The store have all sorts of bits & pieces for Quad copter & Robotics inclined individuals.

3. Research Design Lab: You will find good quality dual output breadboard power supply here. The store have good variety of SMD Adapter boards. The stock of Interfacing Boards for Relay, Servo, and Stepper is equally impressive. The variety of electronics enclosures is great. The Wireless Section have plenty of board types such as Li-Fi (VLC), Wi-Fi, Xbee, GSM Modem etc. There is also a section dedicated to DIYers that have MATLAB, Android & Embedded Kits.

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Other Online Electronics Stores

1. Grab EFY: Grab is a new addition to Online Stores by Electronics For You Group & promises an amazing shopping experience. It offers Arduino Starter Kit, 6-in-1 gift box, magazines & books by EFY, basic electronics kits/projects (Published by EFY) & Raspberry Pi packs all at an unbeatable price tag. There are some very interesting projects like Intelligent Metro Train project for creative young ones to grab. The site also features advanced DIY Kits. All-in-all it’s a little wonderland for DIYers & electronics enthusiasts of all ages.

2. Soldron Soldermall: The Soldermall is an Online Soldron Store that sells Genuine Soldron Soldering Products & Spares. So if you are buying from here then you can eliminate all your worries of buying a fake low quality Soldron duplicate. The Store have Good Quality Soldering Stations in 60 & 100 Watt Categories, Special Soldering Station with in-built Power Supply for Mobile & Laptop Repair Labs & Hot Air Station. The Store also offers all type of Soldering Consumables like Connection Wires, Solder Wire, Bits, Cellulose sponge, to name a few.

3. Hacktronics India: This Store offers electronics goodies at an unbeatable price tag. You can purchase all sorts of development boards from this one common location. There are original as well as clones of Arduino, all available on the same common site. TI’s Development boards are also offered here at very reasonable rates. The Component Section have huge stock of both SMD & thru-hole Components. There are also wide variety of tools, sensors & interface boards available. One would even find most of the Mobile repair tools here at affordable cost.

4. Element14 India: This Web Store is a heaven for DIYers, Makers & Hobbyists along with Company Professionals. The variety of electronics parts & boards is too impressive to ignore. The part you wish is right there. The Development tools & prototyping accessories section have ST Microelectronics, TI, NXP, CYPRESS Development boards & what not.

5. DIY-India: The DIY trend is increasing & growing at an extraordinary rate in India & so is the case with DIY online stores in India. The DIY-India is one such initiative which is empowering young creative minds of India. This site have not only got the necessary electronics bits & parts but also mechanical & electrical ones which are hard to find elsewhere. Under Mechanical section you will find all sorts of fasteners, bearings, springs, Timing pulley & belt etc.

6. Mepits: The electronics store section of Mepits have some hard to find electronics components which otherwise is only available in local stores of electronics market. Some parts, for example, that I came across are spares of Induction Cooker. This site also have a good variety of electronics DIY kits. The Site have huge collection, both in variety & quantity, of electronics components. The site also offers purchase of Robotic parts & Quad copter accessories.

7. Industry Buying: The website is good if you are purchasing electronics parts in multiple quantities. However, certain parts are available in single piece also. The price of most of the items is at par with local market & surprisingly affordable. The site is good for mostly all kinds of hand tools, soldering tools, test & measurement instruments, all sorts of Industrial and other types of tools built for performing specific tasks of home improvement.

8. Kitsnspares: This web store stocks the electronics projects/kits that are published in ‘electronics for you’ magazine. The Arduino Original/Genuine version & clone version both are available on this site so you can compare the prices side by side & select the one appropriate for you. The site mainly focuses on DIY Kits/Projects & meets not only the requirement of Engineering & Diploma Students but electronics enthusiasts as well.

9. Fab to lab: The fab to lab store takes the burden off of your shoulder if you are setting up ‘Atal Tinkering lab’ as per the Initiatives adopted by Government of India to promote Creativity among young school children. A complete list of products & components required for setting such lab is available on this site. The Site also features some of the amazing tools like TS 100 Mini Soldering Iron. The tools section of this site is very impressive & complete in many aspects.

10. DNA Technology: This web store is great for buying hardware parts required in prototyping of an electronics project such screws, nuts & bolts. The prices of these items are very much comparable to local markets & hence affordable. Some other cool stuffs available are Li-ion batteries, single board computers (SBCs), Interfacing boards, Microcontrollers etc. The price of robotic parts is quite affordable on this site.

11. Electron Components: This online store features both high quality as well as medium quality affordable stuff. The collection of Integrated Circuits covers mostly all type of chips available in market. The tool section is equally good too with great choice of superior quality yet affordable tools. Most of the components on this site is thru-hole type with very few of being SMD type. Overall the coverage of electronics parts is good.
Some well-known online stores that I didn’t mentioned here are Ebay India & Amazon India.


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