Monday, May 20, 2024

Digitize, Digitalize and Automate With Gyrfalcon Intelliedge Solution

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Gyrfalcon IntelliEdge Solutions India Pvt Ltd. is emerging as a beacon of innovation in the world of IoT Technology with its array of OEM GYRFALCON devices including UPS smart monitoring gateways, sensor gateways and asset trackers aimed at delivering seamless end-to-end solutions. These devices play a key role in bridging the IT-OT convergence gap facilitating a step towards automation to streamline and optimize processes and improve efficiency.

The recent IoTShow 2024 B2B Tech Expo held at Bengaluru was an eye-opener for IoT players. It brought together an unusual group of visitors not seen earlier – there were enquiries from across the domains for specific problem cases embedding domain requirements that clearly indicated that the industry-wide awareness of what IoT can do to save costs and optimize resources was becoming evident.

IoTs are complex. On the one hand, there are the edge sensors that generate data of different kinds. There are also different kinds of RF communication protocols, each with its own restrictions and limitations. There are very diverse kinds of communications involved, such as data acquisition, command and control operations, alerts and notifications, housekeeping and configuration updates, software updates and diagnostics. On the other very end, there is the cloud where decisions are made, data is gathered, analytics and machine learning is deployed. Intelligence is spread across between the edge and the cloud.

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While IoT is expected to save many times over the cost of deployment, the challenge in making it work well requires close coordination between the choice of the sensor that is selected, the edge alert that is needed from the on-board embedded software, the dashboard features such as relevant alerts and analytics and most importantly, the actionable outcome that results from all this data availability and lastly significant in situ testing. To elucidate an example – consider the use case of converting a standalone UPS into a monitored UPS. Failure points could include a fan (temperature shows an increase), battery discharging rapidly (abnormal battery voltage slope) or others. They understand the difference between what is normal and what is not requires sufficient historical data. Once this data is obtained, designing suitable alert notifications and delivering them early enough can avoid unwanted support and actionable advanced planning. It is estimated that just 2 incidents will save the IoT device and subscription costs.

Gyrfalcon IntelliEdge Solutions India Pvt Ltd., a dynamic startup company with a dedicated workforce introduces a diverse suite of high-quality innovative IoT Devices with the Industrie 4.0 vision to Digitize, Digitalize and Automate. We would like to make remote monitoring accessible to industries. Further, the company aligns with the Indian government’s “Make in India” initiative and further hope to make it easier to deploy and monitor India-made sensors using the customisable device. Distinguished by our patented technology, customised solutions that meet the customer’s needs set our products apart in the market, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the industry.

Author: Dr. Shubhra Shukla (Manager, Sales & Marketing)


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