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Revolutionize Your Control Systems In NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules

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Unleash the Power of Connectivity & Control with NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules!

In the ever-evolving world of automation and control, the NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules emerge as an exceptional innovation. These cutting-edge modules offer an extensive range of features, providing up to 32 TTL (3.3V) compatible GPIOs and 11 multiplexed analog input channels. With 10-bit analog input resolution, these modules empower you to interact with your systems at a granular level.

One of the standout features of NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules is their remarkable versatility. Each GPIO can be configured individually as either an input or output, granting you full control over your devices. Whether you need to monitor sensors, control actuators, or interface with external devices, these modules adapt seamlessly to your requirements.

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Features of NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules:

  • Up to 32 TTL (3.3V) compatible GPIOs
  • 11 Analog input channels (Multiplexed with GPIOs)
  • 10-bit analog input resolution
  • Individual configuration of GPIOs as input or output
  • GPIO contacts available on easy-to-plug headers
  • Control via standard serial console applications through TELNET, web-interface, HTTP, or custom applications
  • Readall/writeall support to read/update all GPIOs with a single command

The NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules are designed to simplify integration into your existing setup. GPIO contacts are readily available on easy-to-plug headers, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Moreover, these modules can be effortlessly controlled using standard serial console applications through TELNET, a user-friendly web interface, HTTP, or custom applications. The readall/writeall support further enhances efficiency by enabling the simultaneous reading or updating of all GPIOs with a single command.

These modules find a multitude of applications across various industries. From industrial automation and robotics to home automation and IoT projects, the NL-ETHG Ethernet GPIO Modules offer unmatched flexibility. They enable seamless communication between devices, allowing you to build intelligent control systems that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and optimize efficiency.

Use Cases

  • Industrial Automation: Use the GPIO modules to monitor and control various industrial devices and sensors, enabling seamless integration with control systems.
  • Robotics: Interface with robotic systems by connecting sensors, actuators, and control components through the GPIO modules, providing precise control and feedback.
  • Home Automation: Employ the GPIO modules to automate and manage home appliances, lighting, and security systems, allowing for centralized control and monitoring.
  • IoT Projects: Build IoT devices and prototypes by integrating the GPIO modules with sensors and actuators, enabling data collection, analysis, and remote control.
  • Research & Development: Utilize the GPIO modules for prototyping and experimentation in electronics, enabling rapid development and testing of new concepts and ideas.
  • Educational Projects: Introduce students to the world of electronics and automation by incorporating the GPIO modules into educational projects, fostering hands-on learning and practical understanding.


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