Wednesday, May 29, 2024

100V RF GaN/SiC Technology For Mission-Critical Defence Applications

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Based on this development, the IGN1011S3600 delivers an industry-leading 3.6 kW of output power with 19dB of gain and 70% efficiency

Here’s introducing a 100V RF GaN/SiC technology by Integra Technologies that targets a wide range of applications including radar, avionics, electronic warfare, industrial, scientific and medical systems.

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This 100V technology can achieve 3.6 kiloWatts (kW) of output power in a single GaN transistor, shattering all RF power performance barriers. It gives designers the ability to dramatically increase system power levels and functionality while simplifying system architectures with less power from circuits based on 50V/65V GaN technology. Customers ultimately benefit from a smaller system footprint and lower system cost.

Integra’s first 100V RF GaN product is the IGN1011S3600, designed specifically for avionics applications. The IGN1011S3600 delivers an industry-leading 3.6 kW of output power with 19dB of gain and 70% efficiency. The IGN1011S3600 is a compelling solution for programs that require size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) improvements.

“This innovative technology removes the barriers limiting system performance today and allows new architectures previously not possible. It will deliver a new generation of high-performance, multi-kiloWatt RF power solutions while reducing their design cycle time and product costs,” said Suja Ramnath, Integra’s President and CEO.

“Integra’s 100V RF GaN technology will completely redefine what’s possible for high power RF systems,” said Dr Mahesh Kumar, an Aerospace and Defence radar systems architect and technology executive.

By delivering approximately two times the power compared to a 50V GaN transistor in a single package, it will eliminate a significant number of combiners and associated electronic circuitry, resulting in lower system volume, weight and cost, and higher system efficiency.

The IGN1011S3600 100V RF GaN/SiC is now available for sampling.


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