Monday, April 15, 2024

Revolutionary 3D Ultrasound Sensor Converts Any Surface Into Button

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Senses through a wide range of materials to create a multifunctional interface for interactive user experience

Now virtually any material, with any thickness can become a button or gesture thanks to the small 3D ultrasound sensor developed by Ultrasense. Target applications include smartphones, mobile devices, home appliances, automotive, medical and industrial.

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The TouchPoint Z (USZ-10000) is a 3D ultrasound sensor system-on-chip (SoC) that combines ultrasound and Z-Force detection with a signal processing ASIC for a complete, standalone, virtual button that can be placed under different metals, plastics, glass and a variety of other materials. Other features are multifunctional touch and gesture interface, and waterproof ability while also sensing through dirt, lotions and natural oils.

The device’s unique 3D ultrasound sensor technology and machine learning are breakthroughs in preventing any false triggers, thus performing better than competing strain gauge and surface acoustic wave solutions

Measuring just 2.6mm x 1.4mm x 0.5mm (LxWxH) and housed in a monolithic silicon die, the TouchPoint Z sensor SoC is designed to replace mechanical buttons and enclosure cutouts in materials up to 5mm in thickness for a seamless touch user interface.

The company is shipping mass production parts of its TouchPoint Z (USZ-10000) 3D ultrasound touch user interface solution to smartphone and consumer product manufacturers looking to release their virtual button-enabled products to the market in the coming months.


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