Sunday, March 26, 2023

Listener IC For NFC Wireless Charging

By Sharad Bhowmick

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The PTX30W’ features an integrated power management unit and a lithium-ion battery charge which enables it to power a device even in the absence of usable RF energy.

PTX30W module offers a complete NFC wireless charging listener circuit in a space-saving 1.78mm x 1.78mm chip.

Panthronics PTX30W (Source: Panthronics )

Panthronics PTX30W is the industry’s first integrated, single-chip solution for the listener circuit in NFC wireless charging systems. It can operate in stand-alone mode without an external microcontroller to run NFC wireless charging operations. It combines an efficient rectifier, NFC tag, battery charger and power management as well as protocol handling. The PTX30W will enable designers to build small battery-powered products to implement NFC wireless charging with a board which is around four times smaller than existing designs, thus reducing the size of the product and simplifying the designing process.

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A listener circuit, also known as a receiver circuit, is an electronic circuit designed to detect and amplify signals received from an external source. It is commonly used in radio communication systems, where it receives radio signals transmitted from a transmitter circuit and converts them into a usable form, such as audio or data. The listener circuit consists of an antenna for receiving the signal, an amplifier for boosting the signal strength, a demodulator for extracting the information from the signal, and a filter to remove any unwanted frequencies or noise. The listener circuit can also be used by a PMIC to harness the ambient energy and step up the voltage to make it usable.

The PTX30W supports bidirectional data communication in NFC Type A mode. This enables the transfer of data between the charging cradle and the charged device, such as the battery’s state of charge or fault indicators, as well as enabling firmware upgrades of both devices.

The PTX 30W is developed by Panthronics AG which is a semiconductor product company based out of Graz, Austria. It develops differentiated wireless solutions from the ground up for security and power applications.



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