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Telink energy harvesting module with wireless connectivity will simplify designing batteryless remote control. TLSR8273-M-EH from Telink is a multiprotocol connectivity module with an in-built energy harvesting capability. The highly integrated module has all the essential components that are required to...
Halo Microelectronics has released HL7090, a highly integrated 900mA Li-Ion battery charging management IC. The battery charging management IC contains one switching charger, two linear chargers, and full-range programmable charge parameters through an I2C compatible interface. The charge management...
e-Peas has recently released three new Power Management ICs (PMICs), AEM00300, AEM330, and AEM00940 for energy harvesting systems. These ICs are optimized for intermittent and pulsed power inputs. These chips are self-configurable with the ability to automatically switch between...

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