Monday, July 15, 2024

Low Power PDM Microphone With Acoustic Activity Detect

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It is a 68dB SNR, 133dB AOP digital MEMS microphone optimised for smartphones, microphone arrays, smart speakers, headsets and more

Here’s introducing a technological breakthrough in the production of high-quality sound. The InvenSense T5838 by TDK Corporation claims to be the world’s lowest power Pulse Density Modulation (PDM), multi-mode MEMS microphone with high AOP and high SNR for smartphones, microphone arrays, smart speakers, IoT and other consumer devices. 

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Smartphones and IoT devices continue to require low power ‘AlwaysOn’ sensors. As a part of TDK’s SmartSound product family, the InvenSense T5838 microphone delivers an efficient 130 µA ultra-low power mode to support ‘AlwaysOn’ applications. The product has an outstanding low current of 330 µA in ‘High Quality Mode,’ supporting high fidelity audio with 68 dB SNR and 133 dB AOP at 20kHz bandwidth.

Additionally, the T5838 comes with Acoustic Activity Detect (AAD) capability for low power and wide dynamic range. Acoustic Activity Detect is an ultra-low power edge processing feature where the microphone monitors the acoustic environment and wakes up the SoC or application processor when activity is detected. Its three operational modes start at just 20 µA total current draw from the microphone. It also provides user programmability to apply various filters and thresholds for optimised performance for each application while supporting 8kHz bandwidth output for ‘AlwaysOn’ systems requiring audio buffering for cloud processing.

Key Features

  • Low power: 130 µA in Low‐Power Mode
  • Extended frequency response from 35 Hz to >20 kHz
  • Sleep Mode: 9 µA
  • High power supply rejection (PSR): −114 dB FS
  • Digital pulse density modulation (PDM) output
  • Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb‐free solder processes
  • RoHS/WEEE compliant

“T5838 introduces groundbreaking power levels, leading acoustic performance and Acoustic Activity Detect in a single PDM microphone,” said Kieran Harney, Managing Director – Audio Products at InvenSense, a TDK Group company. “With the T5838’s latest technology breakthroughs, complementing our SmartSound portfolio of microphones, TDK continues to lead the industry and bring innovative human-sensing to the market.”

Available in a 3.5 mm x 2.65 mm x 0.98 mm package, the T5838 is being produced in volume and samples can be obtained now.


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