Monday, June 17, 2024

Lowest Power, Highly Integrated Chip Solution For IoT Devices

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Allows implementation of UWB ranging products with only a few external components, ensuring the small footprint and low power consumption

Launched by Mauna Kea Semiconductors, the MK8000 system-on-chip (SoC) is the world’s lowest power, highest integrated chip solution that can empower IoT devices with the smallest batteries and size for high-precision sensing.

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MK8000 also enables OEMs and ODMs to rapidly design, integrate and deploy complete location and direction-finding solutions. With a high level of integration and computing power, the MK8000 SoC allows customers to implement UWB ranging products with only a handful of external components, ensuring the smallest possible footprint and lowest power consumption. 

Its low power UWB technology significantly extends the battery life of electronics and enables even the smallest wireless devices to have high precision ranging and location capability. 

Features and benefits of the MK8000 include:

  • Ultra-Low power consumption: At 43mA@3V/RX the new SoC is 2x better in power consumption than anything else on the market
  • Widest frequency band: Supports widest frequency band, making possible more applications and future-proofing next-generation applications
  • Highest level of integration: Chip’s highest level of integration lowers BOM cost and helps speed up deployment in an era of supply chain shortage
  • Unique intelligent signal processor: Features a unique intelligent signal processor that improves computation efficiency 10xs and reduces power consumption significantly


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