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Micro DC-DC Converter Series

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Integrates a coil and a control IC, thus enabling maximised DC-DC converter performance and simultaneously achieving high efficiency

The “micro DC-DC” XCL series is an ultra-small DC-DC converter group from Torex Semiconductor that integrates a coil and a control IC, thus enabling maximised DC-DC converter performance and simultaneously achieving space-saving, high efficiency, low noise, high heat dissipation and low cost.

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The series three offers three types to meet your needs: an ultra-small “pocket type” with low EMI noise that supports currents up to 1A, a “stack type” that simplifies the manufacturing line to achieve low cost and a “multiple type” that incorporates a large coil and supports large currents. 

A variety of package options enables the incorporation of a coil that best matches the control IC, and the result is a “micro DC-DC” XCL series lineup that can be used in a wide range of environments. 

Minimum noise 

Wireless and GPS functions are being added to a wide variety of devices, and radio-frequency interference and noise have become key concerns in electrical circuit design. DC-DC converters are sources of noise in particular, and if the quality of the circuit design and board layout is not sufficient, circuit malfunctioning and noise may result. The electrical circuitry of the “micro DC-DC” XCL series is optimised, enabling lower noise achievement than with a discrete DC-DC converter configuration.  

Optimised structure for low heat problems

Improved power conversion efficiency is a key point in miniaturising a power circuit. When semiconductor and electronic components are made smaller, the resistance component increases and the loss appears as heat generation.

This further leads to impaired component performance and lower reliability of the overall device set. But because the “micro DC-DC” XCL series reduces the loss of efficiency that accompanies miniaturisation, optimisation of the power circuit from component selection to the heat dissipation structure realises a small, high-efficiency DC-DC converter. 


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