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World’s First Micrometer-Accurate Distance Radar

By Nidhi Agarwal

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The first micrometre-accurate distance radar is designed for distance measurement, object detection, and positioning, finely tuned for market demands in industrial automation.


OndoSense has launched the first micrometre-accurate distance radar. Specifically designed for distance measurement, object detection, and positioning, the OndoSense reach is finely tuned to meet the market demands of industrial automation.

The radar reach excels in performance and reliability, combining millimetre accuracy and rapid speed with an expansive measuring range. As one of the most compact distance sensors in the radar market, it is particularly suited for confined spaces and short measuring distances. Its radar technology ensures consistent and dependable measurements, even in challenging production environments characterised by dirt, smoke, steam, rain, poor lighting, or rough surfaces.

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The distance radar is suitable for automating outdoor applications in the agriculture, mining, transport, and logistics sectors. The company claims it has proven highly effective in factory automation within the manufacturing industry.

With a practical M30 housing design and a length of only 92 millimetres, the OndoSense reach is one of the smallest radar sensors for distance measurements, object detection, and positioning. This means that the sensor can be easily used for applications in confined installation spaces with short measuring distances. It also offers a measurement accuracy of ± 2 mm and a measuring rate of 100 Hertz. As a result, the distance radar is suitable for demanding applications. The sensor’s measuring range starts at 0.2 metres and reaches up to 40 metres.

The sensor is suitable for distance or dimension measurement, object positioning, or detection in agriculture, mining, transport and logistics, shipping and offshore, mechanical and plant engineering, or the energy sector.

“The OndoSense reach distance sensor sets new standards in industrial measurement technology with its compact dimensions and the recognized reliability and performance of our robust, low-maintenance radar technology. As a result, the OndoSense radar sensor enables production and efficiency gains in the automation of measurement tasks with high demands on accuracy and speed,” explains Rainer Waltersbacher, Co-CEO of OndoSense.

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