Friday, June 14, 2024

Integrated Motor Controller Family With Three-Phase Gate Driver

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Addresses battery and mains powered motors, delivering robustness and reliability while reducing bill of material (BOM)

To drive a wide variety of MOSFETs and IGBTs in variable speed drives, the new IMD110 SmartDriver motor controller series is equipped with the IMOTION Motion Control Engine (MCE) 2.0, which provides a ready-to-use motor and, optionally, PFC control. Key target applications are motors in major home appliances as well as fans and pumps.

The MCE 2.0 implements highly efficient field-oriented control (FOC) in sensorless or hall-based motor inverters. The wide operating voltage of the SOI gate driver addresses battery and mains powered motors, delivering robustness and reliability. An integrated voltage regulator enables several supply schemes and helps to achieve a reduced bill of material (BOM). IMD110 devices are pre-certified for applications requiring functional safety according to UL/IEC 60730 (Class B).

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IMD110 variants are offered for motor drives with and without PFC control. Devices in LQFP-40 packages are pin-compatible with LQFP-48 packages.

Rapid prototyping of a drive inverter is enabled via two new control boards for the iMOTION Modular Application Design Kit (MADK), which is a modular and flexible development platform providing a wide range of control and power board options for motor drive applications up to 1 kW.

The products are in mass production and available from Infineon Technologies AG.


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