Saturday, April 20, 2024

Multifunctional Employee ID Card Including Contactless Payment Function

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Includes SECORA Pay solution and CIPURSE functionality integrated into the chip for secure access to company buildings

Claiming to be the world’s first solution that combines highly secured office building access with a flexible, Infineon Technologies AG in collaboration with Mastercard, PayCenter GmbH and petaFuel GmbH has introduced a contactless payment functionality directly on the smart card, Infineon is cooperating with Mastercard, PayCenter GmbH and petaFuel GmbH. Campeon Card

Called as the Campeon Card, the smart card allows employees to enter company buildings and the workplace, make cashless payments or transmit their digital business card using NFC. The ID card complies with the EMV standard used internationally. As a result, the cards not only work at coffee machines or company restaurants but also outside the company premises at all 70 million Mastercard acceptance points worldwide. Additionally, guests can also use their private bank cards via the EMV infrastructure at the site.

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At the heart of the multifunctional ID cards is the SECORA Pay solution, which allows quick and efficient certified payment cards according to EMV standards. The CIPURSE functionality integrated into the chip allows secure access to company buildings. Besides access solutions with high-security requirements, CIPURSE is also used in many innovative transits, access and smart city systems.

Employees can use their mobile payment app VIMpay to digitally link their bank account to their company card for direct charging via their computer or cell phone. Mobile payments by using the cell phone are also possible. The VIMpay app also provides a transparent overview of all transactions and instant spending control.

“Contactless technologies are convenient and hygienic which has never been more important than today to protect us from the Corona pandemic. But contactless smart building solutions that combine multiple functions in one card are also becoming increasingly important in the long term,” said Thomas Rosteck, President of Infineon’s Connected Secure Systems division.

“By connecting to Mastercard and the existing infrastructure, our mobile payment app VIMpay offers an ideal platform for companies and public authorities to introduce individual smart card applications with payment features and to modernise their building infrastructure,” said Ludwig Adam, CTO of petaFuel.


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