Monday, July 22, 2024

Contactless Multi-Application ID Solutions Based On JAVA Card

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They enhance the acceptance and convenience of eGovernment applications and meet high-security requirements

The SECORA ID X open platform comes with all necessary tools for easy implementation. Chip and operating system are certified according to Common Criteria EAL 6+ and hence meet high-security requirements of eGovernment applications. Besides enabling multi-application and country-specific customisation, SECORA ID X also allows post-issuance, i.e. activation of the card in the field by the document owner. This further enhances the acceptance and convenience of eGovernment applications.

The SECORA ID platforms combine chip technology, operating software and applets to facilitate the design and introduction of new ID products and solutions. They are based on Java Card Standard v3.0.5 software and offered with multiple applets for personalisation of the documents. While innovative chip packaging such as Coil-on-Module remains key in smart card production, contactless performance is crucial for the growing number of contactless cards.

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SECORA ID X will be provided with the ePasslet Suite by Cryptovision GmbH. The ePassletSuite has a modular design and comes in three different editions that increase flexibility depending on the applications’ needs. First solutions with the ePassletSuite for national eID applications with digital signature are sampling now.


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