Monday, July 22, 2024

Ultra-Low Power AI Development Board Enables AI Everywhere

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It includes an AI processor, VGA camera, 2 microphones and a 3-axis accelerometer for vision, voice and vibration detection and recognition

The WE-I Plus EVB is an Endpoint AI Development Board that incorporates an ultra-low power HX6537-A WE-I Plus AI processor and HM0360 always-on image sensor.

The WE-I Plus processor accommodates a wide selection of TinyML Neural Network models with programmable DSP running up to 400MHz clock and 2MB internal SRAM. WE-I Plus supports TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers framework and can run inferences such as open-source Google Examples, including “Hello World”, “Micro Speech”, “Person Detection”, and “Magic Wand”.

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WE-I Plus, coupled with the VGA sensor consumes power as low as 2.5mW with model inference time of less than 35ms.

The all-in-one WE-I Plus EVB includes an AI processor, HM0360 AoS VGA camera, 2 microphones and a 3-axis accelerometer to perform vision, voice and vibration detection and recognition. It builds in FTDI USB-to-SPI/I2C/UART bridge for flash programming interfacing and message/debug print/metadata output. It also features two LEDs to illustrate classification results. Additionally, an expansion header with I2C and GPIOs interface allows connections to external sensors or devices.

The AI Development Board by Himax Technologies is available from SparkFun along with datasheets of the EVB, processor and sensors.


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