Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Compact High-Resolution Radar For Health Monitoring System

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The fully wireless product creates a safer and more convenient monitoring system for telehealth and smart homes

Specifically designed for more intelligent and safer monitoring system for telehealth, here’s introducing the new mini Healthcare Radar, mini-H, which claims to be the smallest high-resolution 60GHz IoT Radar sensor that can transform healthcare, automotive, mobility, smart home, security and beyond.

The advanced mini-H sensor attaches to the wall and can detect presence, movement and breathing activities in real-time without the use of intrusive cameras or wearables.

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mini-H can be used in dark or wet places and works regardless of obstruction caused by clothes or blankets. The Bluetooth and WiFi communication module allows for a seamless data transfer from the radar to dashboards or the app for easy tracking. This fully wireless product makes it quick and easy to implement software advancements, ensuring the product is always up to date.


  • Centred frequency: 61 GHz
  • Bandwidth: 3.75 GHz
  • Detection range: 0.2m to 2.5m
  • Field of view: ±60° (Azimuth), ±60° (Elevation)
  • Resolution: 0.04m
  • Operating voltage: 7V to14V
  • Current consumption: 3W
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 15mm
  • Operating temperature: -20 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius

The sleek, compact aesthetic of the product also allows for an easy integration while the plug and play style provides instant monitoring of activities with the option to adjust settings for optimal personalisation.

The South Korean-based company, bitsensing, introduced the mini-H at the recently concluded CES, ushering the possibility of having smart healthcare systems.


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