Thursday, July 18, 2024

5G Broadcast/Multicast Transmitters That Offers High Quality Of Service

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Provides reliable & cost-effective digital transmission that delivers premium content to mobile consumers connected to cellular networks

To help open up entirely new business models, such as venue-casting, ultra-high-quality live video streaming, live commerce and over-the-air software updates/upgrades, two 5G Broadcast-enabled transmitters – the field-proven R&STx9 & Tx9evo transmitter series have been launched.

Transmitters are considered to be advanced, energy-efficient equipment, which network operators use to successfully install, maintain and optimise broadcast networks of all types. Using Broadcast and/or Multicast over 5G allows network operators to deliver premium content to mobile consumers connected to cellular networks, with consistent high quality of service (QoS) and higher quality of experience (QoE) within an overlay concept. From an architectural perspective, 5G Broadcast/Multicast is a key pillar of the new 5G ecosystem. It is composed of a Broadcast/Multicast Radio Access Network (RAN) and a Broadcast/Multicast Core Network (CN).

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Compliant with 3GPP Rel.14/16, the 5G Broadcast/Multicast RAN solution is mainly based on new Tx9 and Tx9evo transmitter range across all output powers. However, for existing transmitter customers, software and/or hardware upgrade will be sufficient to acquire the new 3GPP specifications.


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