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This Portable MSO Can Go Seamlessly From Bench To The Field And Back

By Sharad Bhowmick

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2 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) from Tektronix, Inc is the company’s first oscilloscope to offer benchtop performance. The 2 Series MSO provides an easy-to-use touchscreen display and offers features such as a built-in pattern generator, voltmeter, and frequency counter, to name a few. The module is small enough to be carried in a small backpack and can work for eight hours with the built-in battery. The 2 Series MSO is designed for easy set-up and immediate use.

According to the company, the new 2 Series MSO can be carried with ease and be taken from bench to the field and back, making the workflows more efficient and faster. It is considered to be the first portable oscilloscope to offer benchtop performance and a simple and advanced Tektronix user interface. The module comes in a small enclosure which is just 1.5 inches thick and weighs less than four pounds, moreover, the 2 Series MSO can fit into a small backpack, delivering unmatched performance and portability.

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The 2 Series MSO features an easy to use 10.1″ touchscreen display and offers built-in capabilities such as the optional Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG), pattern generator, voltmeter and frequency counter, making it a versatile device with a variety of built-in instruments. The module also sports a coloured LED ring light around the knobs that indicates active sources or parameters to adjust the status.

“This breakthrough product was a direct result of our proven Growth Accelerator innovation process and continued focus on our customers,” said Tami Newcombe, Tektronix President. “Our team worked closely with engineers to deeply understand their unique needs. We cannot wait to see how the 2 Series MSO improves the way our customers work.”

The 2 Series MSO is equipped for advanced debugging in a single instrument, some additional features of the equipment are:

    • Bandwidths from 70 MHz-500 MHz
    • Two or four analogue channel inputs
    • 16 digital channels (available with future software releases)
    • 5 GS/s sample rate
    • Optional 50 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
    • Built-in pattern generator, voltmeter, and frequency counter (available with future software release)
    • Unlocks Remote Work and Team Collaboration


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