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Cloud Testing Service Aims To Minimise Your Electronics Test Bench

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A test engineer usually begins his work by plugging in the various equipment like, a function generator, spectrum analyser, oscilloscope and then goes about testing the various DUT to check for the performance parameters and compares the DUT test results with the standards set by various governing bodies. The use of several different instruments to test a single device is just one area that might cause trouble with the measurements. Cloud Testing Service comes as a solution to engineers facing problems using multiple equipment.

new shape of testingRyosuke Takeuchi, system engineering & marketing, Cloud Testing Service Inc. highlighted, how some of the equipment can be reduced from the test bench, at the IESA thought leadership Forum event held on June 29, 2016. He further explained how to work with the system and was followed by a panel discussion and a live demo on testing semiconductor hardware.


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He talked about the challenges in coming with a cloud test solution like incorporating multiple equipment within the same equipment. The system is being successfully used by universities and researchers alike in Japan. Some of these cases were also mentioned at the meet.

The system makes the best in testing cost and quality and testing is done in two configurations. The CX1000_MCU firmware provides 100MHz digital testing, whereas the MEMORY_TYPE_F firmware provides 266MHz/533Mbps digital testing.

The EVA100 integrated measurement system, which was released late last year, supports Power Supplies, SMU( 4 quadrant DC Signal Measurement Units ), Pattern Generators, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digitizers and Oscilloscopes necessary for complete analogue / mixed-signal device evaluation and measurement. It allows engineers to build their own measurement environment without combining several standalone instruments.

Testing happens on the cloud

The software GUI for the EVA 100 is extremely intuitive, requiring only drag & drop operation, enabling engineers to create device focused measurement set ups in a very fast and simple manner. Automatic report functions further improves the efficiency of deskwork, providing clear documentation and data ready for publishing in device data sheets. It is available in two models, E for engineering and the P for production.


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