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Compact TVS Diodes Protect Sensitive Electronics from Lightning-Induced and Other Voltage Transients

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200W surge capability, low reverse standoff voltage and low clamping voltage for portable electronics

littleBeijing, China, October 18, 2016 — Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has introduced a series of TVS Diodes designed specifically to protect sensitive portable and compact electronics from voltage transient events. The SMF3.3 Series TVS Diode combines 200W surge capability, low reverse standoff voltage (3.3V), and low clamping voltage (6.8V) with a small-footprint, low-profile SOD-123FL plastic package for a variety of portable and compact electronic products.

The SMF3.3 Series is ideal for low voltage applications such as the protection of VCC busses and other vulnerable circuits used in portable devices, portable hard drives, notebooks, POS terminals, solid-state drives (SSDs), power supplies, and monitors.

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“The SMF3.3 Series expands the range of circuit protection options available to circuit designers for low voltage applications by bringing together superior surge capability with low reverse standoff voltage and clamping voltage specifications,” said Jeff Chin, global product marketing director for semiconductor products at Littelfuse. “The compact, low-profile SOD-123FL package is ideally suited for portable devices and consumer applications.”

SMF3.3 Series TVS Diodes offer these key benefits:

• Ideal for protecting sensitive devices against transient over-voltages due to the combination of low clamping voltage of 6.8V, low reverse standoff voltage of 3.3V, and 200W surge capability.

• The small and flat lead low-profile (1.08mm) SOD-123FL plastic package optimizes the use of circuit board space, making it a good choice for portable devices and consumer applications.

• Promotes high ESD immunity and superior circuit protection, permitting manufacturers to achieve ESD protection beyond the maximum level stated in the IEC standard and to protect against a multitude of other threats to ensure product reliability in the field.



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