Tuesday, June 18, 2024

High-Speed Digital-Input Current Limiters Allow You To Cut Power, Cost, and Board Space in Factory Automation

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STMicroelectronics has introduced two high-speed digital-input current limiters that set new standards for circuit protectionin factory automation. The SCLT3-8BQ7 and CLT01-38SQ7 provide industrial Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs) – the “brains” of smart factories and industrial robots –with fast, robust protection against unwanted input-signal current spikes while reducing power consumption, board space, and component costs.

The new devices meld ST’s long-standing leadership in Transient Voltage Suppressors with its state-of-the-art packaging technology.Both devices are housed in the highly compact QFN-48L (7x7mm)package with a large exposed thermal pad that optimizes power dissipation at ambient temperatures greater than 100ºC.

Key technical features include:
• 8 high-speed SPI protected outputs;
• 8/16-bit high-speed SPI output;
• High-side inputs with common ground;
• Integrated 5V regulator;
• 30V+ reverse polarity protection;
• Energy-free LED output signal for visual status indication;
• 78mW/channel power-dissipation capability;
• Temperature/voltage alarm options.

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The high-speed inputs and outputs are fully compliant with the requirements of best-in-classPLCs.
The CLT01-38SQ7 also delivers robustness compliant with the most stringent international EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standards such as IEC 61000-4.2, IEC61000-4.4, and IEC6100-4.5.
The SCLT3-8BQ7 and CLT01-38SQ7 are now available in volume at $0.9 for 1,000-unit quantities.Also, evaluation boards are available for both the SCLT3-8BQ7 (STEVAL-IFP030V1) and the CLT01-38SQ7 (X-NUCLEO-PLC01A1).


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