Friday, June 14, 2024

“Multi-Disciplinary Development Is A Necessity For Any Modern Industrial Product”

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Q. How is mathematical modeling done in multiphysics tools?
A. Mathematical modeling is more based on the disciplines or you can say on the laws of science. Laws of science for a specific discipline are grouped and packaged. We have different packages depending upon the different disciplines within them. Those add-on packages constitute the differential equations from the specific discipline and have a user interface that hides the mathematical complexity behind the scenes.

Q. What is the importance of multiphysics tools for academic and R&D institutions?
A. Multiphysics tools are important for research as well as training students. Most of the engineers are not focused on the maths, they are more focused on the physics at hand. They are not concerned about the differential equations, boundary conditions or any such formula. But people with mathematical focus like those in academic side and R&Ds, can have their own specific PDEs added to the ones we provide in the package and customize and adapt the tool for their requirements. Also, servicing the academic research market gives us a benefit of having a close and quicker access to the information about what they are developing, if there is a new algorithm or method developed for solving a problem.


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