Wednesday, July 24, 2024

“We need to find ways to keep the missile on track even in the case where GPS has been disabled”

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Q. According to you, is there anything in the military space that startups or hobbyists might love to get their hands on?
A. We are seeing three areas in military space where there is activity from the hobbyist.

  • Nano satellites and UAVs – There are currently multiple startups and university teams worldwide that are building UAVs and nano-satellites for space applications. This would turn out to be a very active area in the future.
  • Smart Cameras – In the space sector, image and video processing algorithms and applications have been researched and developed for decades. In today’s world, image and video analytics have compelling use cases that the hobbyists could develop. Imagine that you could change or modify a dumb CCTV camera to a smart camera. An add-on processor that is analysing the image and videos, and the hobbyist writing software algorithms to understand the context of the image, analysing the image and sending the right contextual alerts.
  • Software Defined Radio – A single chip wide band transceiver like the AD9361, which is a platform with the radio transceiver communicating with a FPGA or baseband processor could be designed into a 3G or LTE small cell base station, or it could be designed into a complete low cost spectrum analyser for the RF spectrum. There are a number of interesting applications that startups globally and in India are working on with this wide band single chip radio transceiver platform that can cover any multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) configuration from 1×1, 2×2 or 4×4.



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