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Learn to Design: 4 Free Ebooks on Antenna Design

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antenna design ebooksWhile there are a lot of books out there on EM waves and antenna design, they have been written for a very wide range of engineers. Ranging from a novice to veterans, the books have to be made such that, they are easily understood by novices and veterans alike. Let’s take a look at some that are preferred by professors and designers alike.

1: Practical Antenna Handbook by Joseph J. Carr

The original intent when the book was planned was to provide the reader with a practical, yet theoretical, book that could be used with only a minimal effort to actually design and install radio antennas. The book stands very true to the mission statement. The book has been very useful to engineering students and designers while solving problems based on antennas.

2: Modern Antenna Design by Thomas A. Milligan

This book takes a very extensive approach to antenna and EM waves. With a systematic approach to antenna design, this book takes you through the basics of antenna design. Starting with calculating parameters and solving some problems related to it. I then covers the types of antennas that could solve your particular requirement.

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3: Basic Antennas: Understanding practical antennas and designs by Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR

The designers guide book on antenna design talks about the basic antennas and how to build them. It explains how to build an antenna for the most optimum results. Some of the designs are so easy, you could build them with very little effort.

4: Dipole Antenna. Guttenberg Article Id: WHEBN0000465156

The article talks specifically about dipole antenna design. The crisp and precise nature of the article additionally makes it easy to understand. It covers the dipole antenna in its entirety ranging from calculating parameters to their applications.



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