Monday, April 15, 2024

MaxCore HA: Server Mount With Higher Cell Capacity

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Artesyn Embedded Technologies launched the MaxCore HA platform, a microserver platform for NFV/SDN and carrier cloud networks, including new network components such as the cloud/virtualized radio access network (C-RAN/vRAN). It is designed for next generation constrained-space installations, such as the LTE rollout in China, while still retrofitting into existing LTE deployments and meeting telecom central office high availability requirements. New Artesyn MaxCore HA Platform Can Cut Cost of NFV C-RAN/vRAN Deployments by 75 Percent

The MaxCore architecture enables operators to create either massively dense single-function appliances or to deploy multiple independent virtual network functions (VNFs), such as voice or video transcoding, on a single platform. Carriers can reduce the capital and operating expense of deploying cloud infrastructure, while allowing it to scale as needed. For example, a single MaxCore HA system can support significantly more cells per RAN, in a compressed footprint and with a fraction of the power and cooling costs compared with a traditional rack mount server (RMS) approach using today’s L1 technology.

Capable of accommodating up to 384 Intel Xeon D processor cores, the MaxCore HA platform is one of the highest density high availability platforms available today.

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The Artesyn MaxCore HA platform is housed in a 5U high, 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure with redundant switch cards featuring optional 100G Ethernet interfaces and 12 hot swap PCI Express fabric slots. Customers can flexibly configure it with Artesyn microserver or SharpStreamer acceleration cards or third party off-the-shelf PCI Express cards, connected through a high speed backplane without cables for high-performance and simple configuration. Front access I/O interfaces and front-to-rear cooling are preferred for many telecom central office environments. It features system management software and Artesyn’s Silver Lining NFV enabling software, which leverages open source projects such as OpenFlow, OpenStack, Linux, OVS and DPDK.

Artesyn has recently published two solution briefs on lowering the CapEx and OpEx associated with building C-RAN and vRAN infrastructure.


  1. Need Techinical specfication. As we want to use for LTE CRAN development/deployment solution. Need details
    a. About Chassis unit
    b. Power-supply, clock/sync
    c. IO cards for back-haul interface, support for 1588/PTP, debug ports
    d. IO cards for front-haul interface
    e. blades (multiple) to support multi-sector including PHY, L2, L3/RRM, OAM etc
    f. Is any Adapter card to convert 10GbE to CPRI


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