Monday, July 15, 2024

‘MiraVision’ brings FHD TV to your mobile phones

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Mediatek is now focussing on providing robust and comprehensive LTE, VoLTE and VoWiFi suite parallely certifying ViLTE and eMBMS to meet the diverse requirements of Indian smartphone users.

From within its Helio Family series, it offers consumers the right balance between battery life and function via Helio X10, X20 and P10 SoCs available for Indian market.

With Mediatek’s processor range MiraVision, it brings FHD TV to your mobile phones, which is powered by the Helio range of SoCs.

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Some of the key attributes are:

SmartScreen SMart screen senses ambient lighting and evaluates the content on the screen.The context-aware technology kicks in to provide the best viewing experience across extreme lighting conditions while optimizing power consumption

Ultra Dimming goes beyond the physical limitation of the backlight module by advanced real-time pixel-based processing to provide a dimmer (while readable) light emission which is conventionally unavailable for ultra low-light situations

BluLight Defender is designed to cut blue light energy and save power at the same time. It helps maintain superior picture quality while reducing blue light energy with MediaTek’s versatile Memory Color Recovery technology, capable of color-dependent blue light suppression. As such, BluLight Defender minimizes color distortions


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