Keeping up with consumer needs
It has been observed that the push for better efficiency and lower power is greater in the consumer electronics segment. The boom of Internet of things (IoT) technology has reinforced this drive. This increases the value of end products in many consumer markets, with longer run times, smaller and lighter portable products, and increased efficiencies in white goods, computing, automotive and industrial applications. Users want laptops, phones, tablets and wearable devices to run continuously for longer time without recharging. Regulatory requirements for home and office appliances are becoming more stringent in many countries around the world. Automotive and infotainment industries are adding latest electronic features to vehicles and are trying to increase fuel economy at the same time. With all these developments taking place, research and development in power management segment is being given utmost importance and we can expect continuous improvements in this area.

The author is a dancer, karaoke aficionado, and a technical correspondent at EFY. Find her on Twitter @AnuBomb.


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