Manufacturing Is Not Just Soldering Or Assembly

By S.A. Srinivasa Moorthy


Most MSMEs and startups consider designing and manufacturing as two separate processes, which is not correct as these are interdependent. There are many aspects to be considered in manufacturing and it cannot be left to assembly houses who neither have the proper equipment nor the capacity. Good EMS partners can ensure fulfilment, where the EMS partner does everything from components procurement to delivery of the finished product to customers.

Most startups and MSME electronics companies focus on designing a product and do not have a proper plan for manufacturing the product. This is partly because most electronics manufacturing service (EMS) partners want a deal size of a million dollars and above, which the startups and MSMEs usually do not have at the beginning. This forces them to get the PCBs assembled through assembly houses and do rest of the product manufacturing themselves.

However, electronic product manufacturing is an intense process that needs careful planning and interaction with the manufacturing team from the design stage itself. The PCBA-only assembly process blinds the startups and MSMEs who do not spend enough time and effort on the manufacturing aspects. But, as the production volumes increase, they start realising that they can no longer manage the production and they start looking for EMS partners to outsource it.

Activities at an EMS
Fig. 1: Activities at an EMS


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