Monday, April 22, 2024

Power of Analogue Design

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Semiconductor players provide designers with solutions for the LCD/OLED displays, which include low-power, high-ESD protection touchscreen controllers, display interface products, and LCD bias and backlight solutions. They provide complete power management solution for tablet design, including a power management unit (PMU) integrated with a USB-OTG transceiver and a keypad controller. The outstanding efficiency of power conversion extends battery run-time in addition to minimising heat dissipation. Accurate fuel gauging maximises usable battery capacity and ensures orderly shutdown. The option to choose between system-side and pack-side battery fuel gauge offers designers flexibility in design. Similarly, designers using low-power audio codecs that integrate stereo headphone and class-D speaker amplifiers are able to extend battery life.

All the above focuses on solving the most critical problem faced by designers, i.e., battery life, via the analogue way!

To sum up
While the world moves towards higher throughputs and speed with faster processors, the focus of designers to provide simple, efficient and safe products will still have to remain on analogue design, as the only way to interact with humans is analogue!

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The author is regional sales manager-Gurgaon and Chandigarh, Texas Instruments (India)


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