Thursday, May 23, 2024

“Projectors Are Gaining Momentum As An Alternative To TVs Or Home Theatre Systems”

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How is the market for projectors evolving? With the expanding screen sizes of TVs, are projectors losing out? Or is there some new technology or applications enabling them to survive and grow? These were our doubts which we sought to clarify during a discussion with Muneer Ahmed, Vice President of ViewSonic India. Read on to find out more…

Muneer Ahmed Vice President ViewSonic India

Q. What major trends do you see in the projectors and TVs market?

A. The overall projector market has been shrinking since 2019, but certain segments, such as projectors for larger screens, are experiencing growth. People are increasingly aware of the benefits of using projectors, such as having a larger display in their living rooms or conference rooms.

Q. What changes and improvements can we expect in the projector market?

A. While the overall projector market is not growing, LED projectors are showing promise. Compared to laser projectors, LED projectors have a lower cost of ownership and are more affordable. LED projectors are expected to flourish in the coming years. Additionally, improvements in components, such as lamps and light intensity, contribute to better image quality.

Q. Can projectors replace TVs or home theatre systems?

A. Projectors are gaining momentum as an alternative to TVs or home theatre systems. People prefer projectors when they desire a larger screen experience. They eliminate the need for multiple devices, and the light projected onto the screen is less straining on the eyes compared to direct TV viewing.

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Q. What are interactive projectors?


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