Recent Advancements In Laptop Processors

By Darshil Patel


The latest processors are improving every aspect of performance and efficiency. As much as they are getting faster, they are also more energy-efficient and reliable. They are now capable of machine learning and deep learning, ensuring reliability and efficient operation—regardless of the workload.

Amongst many types of laptops being manufactured, selecting the right laptop is usually based on computing needs and requires a vast amount of not only research but also resources. It is important to understand some of the significant parameters and technologies associated with laptop processors. Since last year, there have been many advancements in this area. Let’s have a look at some of the trends that have scaled the laptop processors industry.

More cores and threads

In order to increase system performance, having multiple processing cores inside a single chip proves to be very effective. First came the dual-core processors that employed two processing units, followed by the quad-core processors having four. Nowadays we find octa-core processors that have eight processing cores.

These multiple processing cores allow parallel execution of the tasks, which simply means that the tasks are broken down into sub-tasks, and each sub-task is processed by multiple processing units in a specific time. Parallel processing is an efficient way of processing multiple tasks at the same time.


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