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RED PITAYA – An All-in-One Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Spectrum & Frequency Analyser

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We are in the era of mobiles, gadgets and instruments that are portable, packed with lot of features, have web connectivity and available at a very economical price point. Pick up any electronic gadget or instrument and it will fit in this definition, so why should test and measurement instruments take a back seat!

Introducing RED PITAYA – an innovative single board, low cost, high spec, multifunctional and portable PCB based electronic Test & Measurement Device that aims to replace expensive lab and field instruments.

RED PITAYA – Open Source T&M Device
RED PITAYA – Open Source T&M Device

RED PITAYA is a programmable device powered by Xilinx Zynq7000 SoC that combines dual core ARM & FPGA and runs on Linux. It uses open source ecosystem approach which let users to download standard applications from ‘Bazaar’ and customize these applications at various programming levels and also develop new applications using source code and documentation available from ‘Backyard’.

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It is an ideal platform for electronic enthusiasts, students and universities, HAM Radio operators and research institutes.

Red Pitaya In Action
Red Pitaya In Action

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Hardware Specifications of Red Pitaya”]Inputs:-
1. The main inputs are two independent channels that run at 125MS/s with 14-bit resolution
2. Four low speed inputs, each at 100kS/s and 12-bit resolution.
1. Two main analogue outputs at 125MS/s and 14-bit.
2. Four low speed outputs, each at 100kS/s and 12-bit resolution.[/stextbox]

Expansion is possible via USB (to add a flash drive, WLAN adapter or camera for instance), and also via a connector that provides 16x FPGA pins for GPIO (e.g. for a custom add-on module). The instrument is typically accessed over Ethernet via a web interface and can be easily connected to local networks. Users can connect to it by simply writing its IP in the address bar for their browsers.

It is also possible to log in, execute remote commands and transfer data via SSH. A handy USB UART interface provides access to the SoC serial console for configuration and debugging.



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