Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sandisk and Western Digital about to Join Forces

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The merger between Western Digital and SanDisk gets closer to completion after more than 90% of shareholders voted in favour last month. You can expect both firms to unite by mid-2016.

The merger will combine Wester Digital that focused on traditional disk drive storage along with Sandisk which pioneered the flash memory technology. This acquisition will make Western Digital the world’s largest flash storage solution provider.

Problems at home?
Alken Asset Management, which holds a 2.2% stake in Wester Digital, has asked the chipmaker to terminate the merger agreement since the price is too high for a company like SanDisk whose outlook they claim is bleak.

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Why does WD still want SanDisk?Q316-Earnings5

Probably because WD’s fortunes aren’t that great.

As seen in the attached image, their year over year shipment numbers has been in the negative across all segments.



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